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Free American Army needing helpful!

Freinds and infidels! You gnawing that Genghis is against oppressioning by all evil forceful anywhere in world, except off coarse in...

The Goats Of War

Freinds and infidels! Yesterday I telling you to urgent sending Muhaysinic Emirate of Idlibistan much disinfectant four to saving three...

Lessoning from North Korea in Idlibistan!

Freinds and infidels! In lastest post I telleding you all about evil pointy nose dictator Assad regime dropping coronavirus cylinderbomb...

Coronavirus in Idlibistan

Freinds and infidels! As you gnawing there is worldly demic in pan cause by Coronavirus, which literally frying worldly in pan by...

Brain Draining in Idlibistan

Freinds and infidels! While still waiting four you to sending me carrier pigeon, which I not understand why you not send yet, unless you...

Peachy keen in Idlibistan!

Freinds and infidels! Freind Abu Walterkronkat al Merikkki justly remindered me that in Amerikastan they haveing record harvest of fruit...

Going postal in Idlibistan

Freinds and infidels! I haveing bad news four you all! Last time I telled you, as you April, may, or June remember, that Idlibistan...

Superhero in Idlibistan!

Freinds and Infidels! As I tolded you a few days ago, I haved brilliantly idea to asking four Idlibistan to join European Unionist....

Idlibistan in Mourning! It horribly!

Freinds and infidels! It horribly news that comed to us in Idlibistan that dear friend and White Hellmates foundationer Abu Jamesmesurier...

Brilliantly Idea! Idlibistan safed!

Freinds and infidels! You all gnaw in the well how I worrieding about future of Uighuristani homeland in Muhaysinic Emirate of Idlibistan...

Musical Concerting Idlibistan!

Freinds and infidels! Today in Muhaysinic Emirate of Idlibistan we holded Jihadi Musically Concert! Purposeful of concert is to...

Beautiful competition Idlibistan!

Broken News! Freinds and infidels, you gnawing that evil lefteous pointy nose Assad regime saying we in Muhaysinic Emirate of Idlibistan...


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