• Genghis Gobi

Nine lifes auction! Please helping!

Freinds and infidels!

Broken News!

It comed to my attentioning that Abu Donaldtrump al Twitteri has kill Abu Bakr al Baghdadi!

Now we gnawing some thing:

First, America election season beginned starting! And one two year befour election it essentially that America president kill important media hate figure, like Osama bin Laden in 2011 or Saddam Hussein in 2006.

Second, until being kill, hate figure must be have nine lifes like domestical cat, and resurrection from dying many time.



This being six or seven time that Abu Bakr al Baghdadi killed, he still have two or three life to spare, and those life now on sale in jihad market four auction!

Now you knowing that I very important four you as contact of news from Muhaysinic Emirate of Idlibistan, also I looking cute and talking very good England language so you not need translationer. Righteous?

Also you knowing that evil lefteous Nusayri regime of pointy nose Syria dictator Assad and evil half naked Russia dictator Putin on verging of attack on Idlibistan.

And you not wanting me to be kill in attack, righteous?

So I needing those two or three lifes of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi that up four auction. Only common and also uncommon sense!

Unfortunately I not have enough goat to bidding four lifes, so it your duty to sending me immediate many goat four bidding!

Remember, four wifes Hala, Bana, Lina and Fatma not wanting me kill, and if you letting me be killed they not fourgive you.

So you sending goat without delayed.

Muhaysinihu Akbar! Takebeer! Thank.

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